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The average human attention span is eight seconds. That’s not a lot of time to get your message across. And that’s assuming you even capture someone’s attention! Enter visual content. Animated or otherwise, our visual content is crafted to draw in your audience, keep them engaged, and efficiently share your message—whether instructional, entertaining, or educational.

• 2D Animation
• Graphic Design
• Illustration
• Motion Graphics

Cronin and Off Leash Studios

Holiday Greetings Video

Each year, Cronin reaches out to our clients and friends with a holiday greeting. It’s a chance to say hello, extend warm wishes, and support a great cause. This year, it was also a perfect opportunity to let people know about Off Leash Studios: the exciting new spin-off company that allows us to offer a whole new set of video, animation and photography services.
This animation sends our Off Leash logo mascot, a dog on his scooter, on a wild and festive holiday ride. And if you’d like to see which local cause we’re supporting… watch until the end!

Liberty Bank

Website Tour

When your new website launches new tools and services, a little extra guidance goes a long way for your customers. This walkthrough video takes users through the new site, introduces all its new benefits, and directs attention to key user actions. To ensure customers are aware of both desktop and mobile versions of the site, the tour switches between both views. Sound production and voice over keep pace with the brightness of the brand.

Global Atlantic Financial Group

Educational Videos

Unpacking a heavy subject like market downturn can easily get dry and complicated. In collaboration with Atomic Kid (we did the concepting, scripting, design and direction; they did the animation), we took a more upbeat and playful approach to educate and prepare investors.  2D animation, a vibrant color palette, contemporary illustration style and creative storytelling keep our series accessible and engaging. Watch the three-part series and see what market downturn is all about.

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