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Video Production

Online, offline, short-form, long-form, Instagram to TV, video arguably wields more power than any other tool in a brand’s marketing arsenal. Our full service video production studio wraps scale, speed, and style into one, fueling the production of high quality content and keeping us nimble.

Together we create beautiful work that educates, inspires, and engages. And of course, moves needles.

  • Concept development
  • Art direction + Copywriting
  • Production
  • Editorial
  • Color correction + Finishing
  • Sound editing
  • In-house studio
  • Aerial drone
  • Handheld camera stabilization technology

Global Atlantic Financial Group

Interview Style

Veterans tend to listen to the advice of other veterans. Keeping this in mind Off Leash developed a concept, wrote, designed and produced an interview-style video featuring two veterans engaging in conversation with one another. This video speaks directly to veterans, a key audience for Global Atlantic Financial Group, and helps educate them and their families on the benefits they may not be aware they have.

Women's Health CT

Educational Video

This Women’s Health educational video spotlights urogynecology, as most marketing tends to focus on OB/GYN, covering off on urology services and some of the basic conditions, treatments. This video is also showcased on the Women’s Health website and their respective social properties.

Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar

Brand Film

Authentic, high-energy and aspirational were all the things Off Leash Studios was looking to convey in this brand film for Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar. Geared toward employees and potential employees, the film reflects the brand, its culture, the restaurant and the employees it’s looking to recruit and retain. Featuring real team members and showcasing the food and restaurant atmosphere, the brand film was shared with all Zinburger employees and lives on the career’s page of its website. The film has also been shared on the brand’s social media properties.

Silver Hill Hospital

Eating Disorders Program Video

The Silver Hill Hospital eating disorders video showcases the treatment team sharing their approach to treating complex eating disorders. It captures images of the campus, specialists, residences, and treatment that are offered. This helps to inform and provide transparency for the patients and healthcare professionals of what can be expected.


Holiday “Every gift has a story.” Video

This holiday season LEGO stores and shop.lego.com want to celebrate the pure joy that comes from shopping for someone you love and giving to others. From a small gift for your son’s teacher – to a scream-worthy gift that your child will never forget; every gift has a story.
We produced two videos to help LEGO® share these stories with the world. Both videos include :30 and :15 versions, and :06 bumpers. The “Every gift has a story videos.” are part of an online holiday media buy in the United States, Germany and France.

State of CT

Text 9-1-1 Launch

We developed a series of public service announcements (PSAs) to help the State of Connecticut launch the text-to-911 service. Intended as a backup option to calling, texting 911 is reserved for when it’s unsafe to speak on the phone. Our PSAs combine darkness, stillness and silence to depict the kinds of situations when you’d absolutely need to text 911 for help. In this chilling spot, you’re brought inside a closet with a teenager who’s barricaded herself as a fight escalates outside her hiding place. The spot is one of three that is being used online, on TV and in cinemas.

Liberty Bank

Educational Videos

A five-part video series featuring on-the-spot interviews with people on their lunch breaks. We asked questions about a range of topics—from homeownership, to student loans and credit scores—and discovered that everyone was really honest about their finances. And they were just as eager to share great advice. We filmed with a shoulder-mounted, high-dynamic range camera so we could quickly move locations and capture footage in nearly any lighting. To round out each video, we interspersed personal insights with simple, supportive tips from Liberty Bank.


Product Video

We created a series of videos to introduce Amica Insurance’s innovative product FlexMile – which allows low-mileage drivers to pay only for the miles they plan to drive.  Great care was taken to choose the right stock footage and music, as well as crafting the copy and designing the graphics and animation, to reflect Amica’s unique brand.

Stubborn Beauty Brewery

Product Launch Teaser

The release of one of Stubborn Beauty’s fan favorites in cans deserved a special announcement on social media and beyond. This short video teaser uses 2D animation and is conceptual in nature—pairing angelic choir sound effects, product photography in motion, illustration, and powerful copy. All in all, a proper celebration for this one-in-a-lifetime “beeracle.”


Promotional Film

To illustrate how a collection of individuals from across the UCONN campus makes up the whole of the University, we took a storytelling approach that strings together video clips of students and faculty each narrating a section of a single script. Viewed together, the collection of voices is more compelling than the sum of its parts.

Connecticut Children's Medical Center


A behind-the-scenes look at a very special photo shoot we conducted just for young patients with craniofacial issues (such as cleft palates). The photography series celebrates the facial differences of each patient and treats them to a well-deserved day of glamor and pampering. We used a handheld camera to capture intimate moments and keep the documentary realistic. Inspirational music, interviews from real patients and parents, and glimpses into an emotional shoot day pull heartstrings to move viewers.



CHET’s Advance Scholarship awards college scholarships to 200 Connecticut high school students each year. The video includes clips from impromptu interviews with scholarship recipients and their parents during the recognition event. We filmed with a hand-held camera to create a documentary feel and a slider and glide camera for all other footage. As they share why the scholarship means so much to them, viewers can’t help but feel the genuine emotion behind their responses and the value CHET plays in their lives.



Saving for college is a daunting task for parents. Now imagine saving for twins. For this testimonial, we filmed Damon and his family with multiple cameras at their home. The personal location forges a connection between viewers and the family, but added some lighting challenges which we solved with a combination of natural light and backlighting. To add depth and polish, we filmed B-roll with a higher frame rate before transitioning to a lower rate. Watch the video to see how CHET helped Damon find the peace of mind he sought.

Liberty Bank

Student Banking Video

VO narration and colorful art cards highlight the benefits of Liberty Bank’s My-Pay Student Banking as a young adult goes about his day, stopping for coffee, buying gas, eating pizza and using his debit card at every turn. To capture the energetic, POV sequences of our debit card-carrying hero, we shot time-lapse video using a chest mount rig and dolly. On low angle shots, we used a motorized gimbal for smoother movement. Take a peek and see how Liberty Bank helps young people get the hang of the “adulting thing.”

Liberty Bank

Employee Videos

There’s no better way to get a feel for the culture and vision of a company than directly from its employees. The “i am Liberty Bank” testimonial series showcases real employees, filmed in front of a  simple backdrop with three-point lighting to keep our subjects front and center. The tone is uplifting and cheerful both in music and in editing—a nod to the brand and what it stands for. Get to know the faces behind Liberty Bank.

Department of Mental Health


These personal stories peel back the layers of mental illness, breaking down the stigmas and sharing the humanity too often overlooked. The poignant video series features real people who share their first-hand experience with mental illness—the impact on their lives, the discrimination they face on a daily basis, and their hope for the future. Sparse music, a minimalist backdrop and well-timed art cards complement the real voices without stripping away from the raw emotion of their words.


Taste Test

Tasting is believing! We put real customers to the (taste) test to launch McDonald’s new Signature Crafted Sandwiches. We used a speed ramp filming technique and a glide cam for smooth transitions between customer footage, B-roll from kitchen to table, and product shots to grab attention and hold interest. Customer intercepts and filming took place in restaurants to ensure authenticity and believability. See what these real customers had to say.

Stubborn Beauty Brewery


This documentary-style film combines interviews of brewery owners with B-roll of their brewery and its local surroundings. Quick cuts add context to the VO and connection with brewery owners; tight shots share intimate glimpses into every corner of the brewery; and slider movements showcase the beer-making process and the energy of the tasting room. See what drove Stubborn Beauty to open their brewery and what keeps the inspiration—and the beer—flowing.

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